Critical Communication Skills for the 21st Century Construction Industry


Stephane McShane
Speaker, Mentor, Author, Teacher
Maxim Consulting Group


Cultural or personality clashes are costly in many ways, and are often attributed to communication skill gaps. In today’s industry we provide leadership to three or more generations with differing personalities and perspectives. While we understand that there are significant differences in these generations, it is critical that labor and management representatives understand how to assess their own communication style, as well as those they work with, for all to succeed.

Session leader Stephane McShane will show you how to identify these challenges and put in place an effective improvement program. Attend and you will learn the role of leadership in communication. Plus, you will be part of a discussion on the generational differences and how their leadership and communication styles differ. Ms. McShane will reveal the differences in personality types and the tools to effectively assess and bridge this knowledge gap.

Stephane McShane possesses the rare combination of talent from being in the field as an apprentice, electrician, foreman, then working her way through each operational chair within a successful electrical construction firm. She knows what it takes to be “best in class” at each position held. This experience and talent are what makes her tremendously effective at operational and organizational assessments today.

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