How to Compete in a Lean Construction World


Neal Ernest
General Superintendent
Balfour Beatty Construction
John Harris
Senior Vice President
Balfour Beatty Construction
Cary Norberg
Education Development Specialist
International Training Institute (iTi)


Did you know that by applying Lean techniques on the jobsite you can eliminate waste and redundant processes, reduce inventory, and save money? Better yet, Lean construction can transform teams of people with conflicting goals into cohesive, productive partnerships that share the same goal of promoting total project success throughout. Needless to say, end users value lean construction and it is a win-win for both labor and management.

Neal Earnest and John Harris of Balfour Beatty—leaders in creating a Lean culture—bring a general contractor’s perspective of Lean to this session. They’ll address how a GC looks at a company that prescribes to a Lean culture and how they go about building a partnership with that company. They’ll explain their goal when hiring a contractor who has a Lean culture and how Lean best practices work with larger mechanical contractors and smaller sheet metal contractors.

Cary Norberg, education development specialist with the iTi, will explain what Lean resources his organization has and how to move the lean construction movement forward.

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