Negotiating Conflict Between Labor and Management


Stephane McShane
Speaker, Mentor, Author, Teacher
Maxim Consulting Group


Conflict is apparent in every aspect of the construction industry. It is not unique to labor and management. Unfortunately, compromise is a no-win situation for either party in a conflict resolution, yet is the most commonly used methodology. Stephane McShane, internationally recognized speaker, mentor, author, and teacher, will explain the basics of good conflict resolution practices and how to identify the techniques and use them to consistently achieve beneficial results.

In this session, she will define the four steps to successful conflict resolution that are necessary to achieve collaborative outcomes. Attend, and you will learn communication skills that allow for the de-escalation of conflict. In addition, Ms. McShane will discuss how perceptions and emotions contribute to conflict and the steps to prevent them from influencing resolution efforts.

Stephane McShane possesses the rare combination of talent from being in the field as an apprentice, electrician, foreman, then working her way through each operational chair within a successful electrical construction firm. She knows what it takes to be “best in class” at each position held. This experience and talent are what makes her tremendously effective at operational and organizational assessments today.

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