State of the Region – West


Tim Carter
Business Manager
SMART Local Union 66
Bruce Sychuk
Executive Director


Areas Covered:
Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, British Columbia (Canada), Saskatchewan (Canada)

These sessions are designed to help local areas improve the industry for the union, local sheet metal workers, chapters, contractors, and JATCs by discussing challenges faced in the region and how local areas are addressing those issues. Using feedback from a pre-conference survey, the facilitators will lead a discussion about your pressing concerns, call on individuals who are currently addressing those issues, and help the group identify best practices for moving forward.

Led by facilitators from the Best Practices Market Expansion Task Force, these sessions will help you start the process of problem-solving. They will set you up to successfully continue the problem-solving process beyond the regional breakouts and after the conference concludes.

Regional Worksheet


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