Utilizing iTi, NEMI and SMOHIT


David Bernett
National Energy Management Institute Committee (NEMI)
Randall Krocka
Sheet Metal Occupational Health Institute Trust (SMOHIT)
James Page
International Training Institute (iTi)


For a partnership to be successful, using every available tool is critical. The jointly-funded iTi, NEMI, and SMOHIT organizations are a gold mine of ideas and resources that can play an important role in keeping your partnership running smoothly.

In this session, you’ll get an overview of iTi, NEMI, and SMOHIT with special emphasis on how they can assist labor and management to be more successful in growing market share, managing their workforce, and offering health and safety resources. They will offer examples of how other areas have benefited from their services.

The iTi’s mission is to provide quality training programs to expand the skills of our workers. Getting involved in your local JATC can help them offer the exact training a contractor needs to be competitive.

NEMI develops programs that seek to expand employment opportunities for SMART members and programs that assist SMACNA contractors.

SMOHIT’s aim is to provide a healthier, injury-free workforce, resulting in a safer and more productive workplace. They strive to increase the marketability in the union sector of the sheet metal industry.

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