Partners in Progress – Vol 12 No 7 – Hope is not a strategy! In order to obtain or retain enough work to provide the cash flow that keeps the doors open, craftspersons hours on the books, and pensions funded. We have to think smarter and be proactive instead of reactive. That is what SMACNA and SMART and Partners in Progress is all about. Embracing technological change to put us at the forefront of the market, recruiting the best and brightest, and using schedules to keep our projects on track are some of the things we can do together to strengthen our industry.
Partners in Progress – Vol 12 No 6 – Success as organized sheet metal workers and signatory sheet metal contractors is possible as we embrace a high performance standard, develop a long-lasting commitment to excellence and teamwork, demonstrate focus and perseverance, and have a willingness to change as technology and new market conditions require.
Partners in Progress – Vol 12 No 5 – Find out about programs for military veterans to transition to the signatory sheet metal industry. Learn about the International Training Institute’s Strike Force Training program. Get the details about moving off the low bid treadmill and how do develop communication skills as critical tools.
Partners in Progress – Vol 12 No 4 – Recruiting and retaining women in the signatory sheet metal industry. Find out how times have changed since Rosie the Riveter struck her iconic pose and what key women in the industry are doing to help address workforce issues. You’ll also find an interview with Vanessa Steward, Business Agent for Local 16, and what she is doing to recruit. Mark Breslin talks about what foremen are holding back that could increase contractors’ profits and provide new opportunities for SMART craftspersons.
Partners in Progress – Vol 12 No 3 – Partners in Progress is not just a slogan. It is a joint mission, a shared vision, based upon the realization that our futures are interdependent and that we are responsible for each other’s success. Indeed, we have determined through studies and surveys that chapters and Locals enjoy greater market performance where cooperative labor-management relations exist. Reading about the Building Boston Program, Saving Face to Save a Life, Butch Welsch becoming a member of SMART, and Metal Fab’s work at the PINP Conference.
Partners in Progress – Vol 12 No 2 – Communicate. Now Commit and Deliver. Earlier this year, leaders from both labor and management joined forces at the 2018 Partners in Progress Conference and accepted the challenge to work together to strengthen the industry and create new opportunities. Now its time to use the information generated at the conference and covered in these pages with your labor or management partner to start a dialog.
Partners in Progress – Vol 12 No 1 – If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. Without vision about where we want to go and a willingness to Communicate, Commit, and Deliver, both SMART and SMACNA will falter and become observers as the industry transitions to meet the needs of today’s customers.
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