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Vol. 12, No. 1
If opportunity doesn’t knock,
build a door

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    • PARTNERSHIP RESOURCES AVAILABLE TO YOU — The Best Practices Market Expansion Task Force provides resources to make labor-management partnerships more effective. One of our key initiatives is the Partners in Progress Conference. Register Today!
    • SHOOT THE PIPE OR WIPE OUT — Focus on four critical factors—Outcome, Value, Belief, and Steps—to successfully lead, manage, and inspire through change.
    • WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR CHANGE QUOTIENT — Strategies that you can use to improve
      your organizational change quotient.
    • THE MARKETING EFFECT OF EXPERTISE LOGOS — If there were an inexpensive way to make marketing dollars work harder, wouldn’t you try it?
    • RESIDENTIAL REBATES EXPAND WORK OPPORTUNITIES — Rebate programs in Chicago and St. Louis have helped give customers a deal while providing contractors and labor much-needed work.
    • EVOLUTION OF A WARRANTY PROGRAM — Among the advantages union sheet metal contractors have is their ability to rely on each other.
    • BUILDING A WORKFORCE — Northern California has a long-term strategy to prepare tomorrow’s workforce; it involves the vocational arts and high schools.
    • NATIONAL LMCF SUPPORTS LOCAL PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMS — The National LMCF provides funding to assist local programs with strengthening and growing market share. Can they assist you?