Partners in Progress – Vol 16 No 2 – The February issue of Partners in Progress is about celebrating your labor-management achievements. In Ohio, contractor members and Local 24 are tackling the state’s labor shortage with JATCs in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus. SMACNA St. Louis and Local 36 came through covid together. by partnering on a rebate initiative for frontline workers. Poynter Sheet Metal is SNIPS Contractor of the Year, thanks to communication, team building, and a strong partnership with Local 20. Articulation agreements and equipment upgrades at Local 100 make the future even brighter for the Local and Choose Bigger Mid-Atlantic, and find out how a brutally honest assessment of your leadership team could help improve productivity and buy-in. Don’t forget to consider building the right environment for team work with just a few easy steps, and learn how telling your success stories can help engage and inspire your workforce. Finally, read about Ted Kuczynski, former ITI administrator.
Partners in Progress – Vol 16 No 1 – Need some motivation for 2022? Try goal setting. Difficult projects require exemplary teams—see how SMACNA San Diego and Local 206 became the number one choice for complex projects in their region. Project 150 is the perfect opportunity for Partners in Progress Conference attendees to make a difference in young peoples’ lives. To work through a conflict, try seeing it from another person’s perspective. What is the best thing you can do for yourself and your teams this year? Develop and foster resilience. The Hyatt Regency is the perfect example of how Local 16 and SMACNA Portland member General Sheet Metal come together with common goals for mutual benefit. And in this issue’s My Journey, we discover how Richard Mangelsdorf found his true calling on the way from apprentice to business manager/FST.
Partners in Progress – Vol 15 No 10 – This issue of Partners in Progress features the Emerging Leaders Initiative through which Locals and Chapters can partner to bring members of the next generation to the Partners in Progress Conference in Las Vegas, March 1-2, 2022. We look at how partnership enables smooth transformation, especially during difficult times, and we introduce iGen—the next generation workforce. Consider reasons to let a heated conversation run its course, discover why four-year college programs are losing their allure among high schoolers, and meet Danielle Wilson, sheet metal worker, union member, and mother who built her own future.
Partners in Progress – Vol 15 No 9 – As we look forward to the 2022 Partners in Progress Conference, we are focused on Building the Future Together. The task force has lined up world-class keynote speakers to provide insight on two key components of a successful partnership—Leadership and Adapting To and Overcoming Obstacles. The issue also covers the importance of creating a solid plan and strategy in identifying emerging markets and industry trends. Find out about the value of challenging your beliefs. The issue also covers how a SMACNA and SMART team are applying their skills on a complex project for the National September 11 Memorial Museum. Don’t miss the My Journey about Nick Dopjuda.
Partners in Progress – Vol 15 No 8 – The August 2021 issue of Partners in Progress covers the importance of establishing a “safety culture” in workplaces. Successful safety cultures prevent workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths, as well as the suffering and financial hardship to workers, their families, and employers. We feature Mike McCullion in this month’s My Journey. We also cover an upgrade to the University of Iowa’s new Kinnick Stadium, suicide prevention, wearable technology, and the Partners in Progress Conference.
Partners in Progress – Vol 15 No 7 – A prevailing theme in the July 2021 issue of  Partners in Progress is leadership. Successful leaders want their organizations to prosper well beyond their personal tenure and know the importance of succession planning to advance an organization or an industry well into the future, which includes succession planning. The issue also covers a success story in recruiting and retraining craftspersons, the value of studying industry trends to predict and respond to future market opportunities, basic leadership principles that remain relevant, and a My Journey article on Teirra Marshall, the first female in Local 435 to earn the Outstanding Apprentice Award.
Partners in Progress – Vol 15 No 6 – The June 2021 issue of Partners in Progress covers what it took to thrive despite COVID, including the resources and programs available to help SMACNA and SMART organizations recruit their future workforce, communicate better with potential customers, and expand market share. It also covers about the SMACNA and SMART partnership history; the partnership required to complete a large, high profile project in Cleveland; and customizable recruiting and marketing tools available to local parties free of charge. Read about Jeffery Grill’s journey in the industry and how attending the 2020 Partners in Progress Conference helped inspire his career aspirations.
Partners in Progress – Vol 15 No 5 – The May 2021 issue of Partners in Progress focuses on the advantages of developing an effective labor-management partnership, including the ability to jointly study evolving industry technology and trends and devise a strategy to pursue new work opportunities in remote systems and monitoring technologies. It also covers Mental Health Awareness Month and SMART MAP. Read about the journey that SMART’s director of education has made within the industry, the way SMACNA and SMART members in Indiana have worked together to honor service members, and a discussion of the achievements of the national SMACNA-SMART partnership.
Partners in Progress – Vol 15 No 4 – Women have come a long way in the construction industry. The April 2021 issue of Partners in Progress is dedicated to the inspiring women whose work strengthens our industry and our national and local associations and unions. The issue also covers the best social platforms for communicating recruitment information. Read about Fatima Ware’s career path in this month’s My Journey and part 2 of our series on the history of the SMACNA-SMART partnership.
Partners in Progress – Vol 15 No 3 – The year 2021 marks the 75th anniversary of the first partnership efforts between SMACNA and SMART. Over this period, we’ve found that when relationships are based on trust and mutual respect can overcome any challenges to work and promote the best interests of the industry and their members. The issue includes the first article of a series on our collaboration. My Journey gives a glimpse into Troy Martell’s path in the industry. We also provide information about how to leverage the Expertise brand and materials; methods to create trust; and ways to retain existing customers and attract new ones.
Partners in Progress – Vol 15 No 2 -The February issue of Partners in Progress provides insight into how several of the top-performing JATCs aspire to and stay at the top of their games. We also discuss how pre-planning skills can be applied to reduce the likelihood of construction litigation and how COVID-19 inspired changes will lead to an increase in green building, modular, and pre-fab construction and wider adoption of efficiency technologies. Don’t miss a JATC success story in Pennsylvania, ideas about developing continuous improvement projects, and Jud Martell’s journey in the industry. Further, check out the industrial athlete brand ambassador recruitment and referral campaign.
Partners in Progress – Vol 15 No 1 – The January 2021 issue of Partners in Progress focuses on breaking through the barriers of communication and connecting with labor-management partners, new recruits, and people who have yet to discover the sheet metal industry. Read about how to reach Generation Z, how to find hireable skills in gamers, and how to recognize the flexibility to pull off complicated projects that exists when labor and management support one another. Recognize the hidden leadership talents of introverts, revamp your game plan to enable your teams, and learn about how one organizer rose through the ranks to meet important challenges.
Partners in Progress – Vol 14 No 12 – The December edition of Partners in Progress features stories about flexibly and innovative labor-management partnerships. ACCO and Local 105 have learned and grown together in a safety culture of care. JMI and Local 66 came together to develop a pathogen-fighting UVC machine with application in schools, casinos, health care, and other facilities. The experts tell us why nothing beats TABB certification when it comes to certifying testing and balancing workers, and emotional intelligence expert Brent Darnell weighs in on how to develop emotional competence in order to solve problems. Finally, Army Ranger and SMART Heroes graduate Sam Hammond shares his appreciation for SMART and SMACNA and the benefits of the program.
Partners in Progress – Vol 14 No 11 – The November edition of Partners in Progress shows how SMACNA and SMART come together to face challenges. Sheet metal professionals address air quality issues in American schools, pivot to keep training centers open safely under COVID restrictions, and are not afraid to take on new markets, such as electric vehicle powertrain systems. This issue’s My Journey subject Carol Duncan demonstrates how adaptation is her superpower. Has your business thought about a diversity and inclusion policy? Now is the time.
Partners in Progress – Vol 14 No 10 – The October edition of Partners in Progress demonstrates the expertise of SMACNA contractors and the SMART union workforce as they take to the frontlines of improving air quality in hospitals, in implementing the best in recruitment strategies, and in speaking out to create ally-ship among women in construction. .
Partners in Progress – Vol 14 No 9 – The September edition of Partners in Progress covers how successful labor-management cooperation requires partnering, persevering, and pivoting to take advantage of all the resources offered. This issue looks at how the iTi pivoted to offer training Sonline, how contractor-Local partnerships can assist with new market development, and how signatory sheet metal experts can earn market funding by cooperating on a shared project through Strive to Succeed. It also provides great examples of labor-management partnerships in action and the joint resources available to them.
Partners in Progress – Vol 14 No 8 – The August edition of Partner in Progress showcases SMACNA and SMART partners who have successfully transformed their businesses, work practices, and cultures to excel in times of extreme turbulence.
Partners in Progress – Vol 14 No 7 – In 2020, the first three words that come to mind beginning with the letter “C” would likely be COVID, coronavirus, and curve. In this issue, we highlight other “C” words: care, compassion, and community. They describe the sheet metal industry strengths and standards that posture SMACNA and SMART to proactively respond to challenges or adversity.
Partners in Progress – Vol 14 No 6 – Despite the many crises nipping at our bottom line, we can’t forget about recruiting. Part of our challenge involves improving communication, which means using terminology that is meaningful to Millennials. In addition, we need to pay attention to things that appeal to them, such as mentoring–which can also help the mentors. Further, we highlight two leaders within our industry–Joe Demark and Lisa Davis. We wrap up with Coach Herm Edwards’ advice about playing to win.
Partners in Progress – Vol 14 No 5 – This issue’s content primarily focuses on the idea that in order to strengthen our industry, we need to think big and ensure that we don’t create any artificial limits on our recruiting efforts. We also talk about how being able to quickly adjust strategies and operations to take advantage of changes in the market, shifts in the economy, and availability of workforce is vital for the success of our industry.
Partners in Progress – Vol 14 No 4 – The world has truly turned upside down from anything anyone envisioned a few months ago. However, one of the things that will not change when the new “normal” settles out is that the signatory sheet metal industry is filled with individuals—both labor and management—who find ways to get the job done right and put people first, even when conditions are suboptimal. We are leading by example in markets across the country, using creativity and hard work.
Partners in Progress – Vol 14 No 3 – Not long ago at the Partners in Progress Conference, Nate Scott and Clark Ellis of Continuum Advisory Group warned that today’s world brings many risks and that we were closer to the next recession than the last one. Still, at the time, nobody expected a national economic recession to arrive within 30 days. This issue looks at how we as a labor-management partnership can weather this storm and create solutions that make us nimble enough to face whatever the future brings.
Partners in Progress – Vol 14 No 2 – Many ideas came out of the recent Partners in Progress Conference. One of the most important was that our industry needs to be moving in a positive direction. In this issue, get a 10-step practical guide to prepare for for economic downtown, gain a historical perspective on labor-management relationships, find out how locals and high schools in Utah are working together to raise awareness of welding as a career, and discover how an Oregon contractor and a training center are reaching students.
Partners in Progress – Vol 14 No 1 – Stories in this  issue cover the importance of making people our priority. Find out what contractor Kevin Gill Sr. has to say about labor-management cooperation, get the scoop on the Best Practices Task Force’s Brand Ambassador Program, discover how Choose Bigger is evolving, learn how to approach residential work, and see what parents think about careers in the skilled trades.
Partners in Progress – Vol  13 No 12 – When it comes to making a difference–meaningful change–you have to roll up your sleeves, do the hard work, and be accountable. Read about how to build a labor-management partnership, tips for successful integrated project delivery, how SMACNA Boston and Local 19 are working together, and the key to making your self-discipline more effective.
Partners in Progress – Vol 13 No 11 – As we approach the end of 2019, it’s a good time to analyze where we are, where we want to be, and how we can get to that destination. The issue covers partnerships, National Apprenticeship Week, the MC3 Pre-Apprenticeship Program, and the partnership between Local 29 and Butler Community College to ensure apprentices can earn college degrees.
Partners in Progress – Vol 13 No 10 – Find ideas for how to recruit members of Generation Z and examples of Locals and contractors using cooperation, mentorship, and know-how to transcends age and reach across generations.
Partners in Progress – Vol 13 No 9 – SMACNA and SMART members show there is no better way to bridge a divide than walking a mile in another’s shoes.
Partners in Progress – Vol 13 No 8 – Changing the status quo of cooperation will inspire a new generation of tradespeople and contractors to carry the momentum into the future. This issue provides examples of the effort the SMACNA-SMART team is making to bridge the gap between the veterans of the industry and the new generation.

Partners in Progress – Vol 13 No 7 – In this industry, solid partnerships where ideas are shared and solutions are the focus lead to progress and innovation. This issue is full of examples of highly functioning, cooperative teams showing the community what a solid partnership looks like.

 Partners in Progress – Vol 13 No 6 – Every relationship has a culture. With each interaction between individuals and groups, we teach others how to treat us, and we demonstrate what we are willing to contribute to the relationship. This issue looks at some of the incredible people who make this industry great and demonstrate some important values intrinsic to successful relationship culture.
 Partners in Progress – Vol 13 No 5 – Orthodoxy means tradition. Generous orthodoxy means combining tradition with new and learning to accept change. This issue is dedicated to generous orthodoxy. It highlights the future of the construction industry and showcases just how effective cooperation and mutual understanding can be in meeting in the middle of tradition and the new.
 Partners in Progress – Vol 13 No 4 – Solid relationships are built are admitting our wrongs, answering tough questions, and being open to accepting others’ ideas and opinions for their intrinsic value. In this issue, learn how to apply solid relationship building in disaster recovery and career change alike.
 Partners in Progress – Vol 13 No 3 – The expression, “You get what you pay for,” is a cop out. It lacks meaning and purpose, and it is in many cases inaccurate. The problem is monetizing value. Real value, true quality, meaningful depth, all come from sources far more robust than money. In this issue, learn how the partnership between contractors and their workforce bring genuine value to every jobsite.
 Partners in Progress – Vol 13 No 2 – It can be uncomfortable to talk about change because with change comes uncertainty. Despite our best intentions, the time we spend imagining the results, and the effort we make to control the outcome, change can be hard—and wonderful—but it will always bring about opportunities we didn’t know were possible. More than adapting financially, logistically, and technologically, we must secure strong, enduring
partnerships from which to approach change with determination, trust, and mutual support at the forefront. It is the only way to do this right. In this issue of Partners in Progress, we look at change on several fronts.
 Partners in Progress – Vol 13 No 1 – Find out how to “own” our future, even though technology, business practices, and the economic climate are constantly changing. We start by talking about how scenarios from the most recent HVAC and Sheet Metal Industry Futures Study have played out. In addition, more and more building owners and managers are becoming focused on achieving LEED certification. We talk about the latest updates. Further, find out how Local 66 and SMACNA-Western Washington’s Johansen Mechanical have taken the sustainable mandate working on a project in Arlington, Washington. We also discuss the importance of creating a safety culture and how we can foster communication and trust to strengthen our industry.
Partners in Progress – Vol 12 No 7 – Hope is not a strategy! In order to obtain or retain enough work to provide the cash flow that keeps the doors open, craftspersons hours on the books, and pensions funded. We have to think smarter and be proactive instead of reactive. That is what SMACNA and SMART and Partners in Progress is all about. Embracing technological change to put us at the forefront of the market, recruiting the best and brightest, and using schedules to keep our projects on track are some of the things we can do together to strengthen our industry.
Partners in Progress – Vol 12 No 6 – Success as organized sheet metal workers and signatory sheet metal contractors is possible as we embrace a high performance standard, develop a long-lasting commitment to excellence and teamwork, demonstrate focus and perseverance, and have a willingness to change as technology and new market conditions require.
Partners in Progress – Vol 12 No 5 – Find out about programs for military veterans to transition to the signatory sheet metal industry. Learn about the International Training Institute’s Strike Force Training program. Get the details about moving off the low bid treadmill and how do develop communication skills as critical tools.
Partners in Progress – Vol 12 No 4 – Recruiting and retaining women in the signatory sheet metal industry. Find out how times have changed since Rosie the Riveter struck her iconic pose and what key women in the industry are doing to help address workforce issues. You’ll also find an interview with Vanessa Steward, Business Agent for Local 16, and what she is doing to recruit. Mark Breslin talks about what foremen are holding back that could increase contractors’ profits and provide new opportunities for SMART craftspersons.
Partners in Progress – Vol 12 No 3 – Partners in Progress is not just a slogan. It is a joint mission, a shared vision, based upon the realization that our futures are interdependent and that we are responsible for each other’s success. Indeed, we have determined through studies and surveys that chapters and Locals enjoy greater market performance where cooperative labor-management relations exist. Reading about the Building Boston Program, Saving Face to Save a Life, Butch Welsch becoming a member of SMART, and Metal Fab’s work at the PINP Conference.
Partners in Progress – Vol 12 No 2 – Communicate. Now Commit and Deliver. Earlier this year, leaders from both labor and management joined forces at the 2018 Partners in Progress Conference and accepted the challenge to work together to strengthen the industry and create new opportunities. Now its time to use the information generated at the conference and covered in these pages with your labor or management partner to start a dialog.
Partners in Progress – Vol 12 No 1 – If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. Without vision about where we want to go and a willingness to Communicate, Commit, and Deliver, both SMART and SMACNA will falter and become observers as the industry transitions to meet the needs of today’s customers.
Partners in Progress – Vol 11 No 1 (May 2014) – No matter the state of the economy, the organized sheet metal industry is more likely to prosper when management and labor work together. Read the results of our latest readership survey, find out how New Mexico’s JB Henderson “ate the bear”, Get Smart using technology tools, glimpse A Day in the Life of industry members, find out how the Local 33 JATC have elevated training….and more.
Partners in Progress – Vol 10 No 1 (2012) – If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. Without vision about where we want to go and a willingness to Communicate, Commit, and Deliver, both SMART and SMACNA will falter and become observers as the industry transitions to meet the needs of today’s customers.
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