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Vol. 16, No. 2: Stepping Up Recruitment Efforts

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Make Time to Celebrate Partnership

Big wins, small victories, crowd-pleasers, inobvious glory—we want you to celebrate it all, particularly when labor and management win together.

Many Hands Make Light Work

Contractor members and Local 24 in Ohio are tackling the state’s labor shortage with JATCs in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus. Concurrently, Local 24 partners with ApprenticeOhio by registering apprentices with the Department of Labor and sourcing contractors who are willing to take on newcomers.

Strong Partnerships Build Resilience

SMACNA St. Louis and Local 36 came through covid together. They partnered on a rebate initiative for frontline workers, through which eligible customers received $100-400 off services and installation. The chapter then reimbursed contractors through surpluses from the existing residential rebate program—all with the Local’s full support.

Partners in Success

Poynter Sheet Metal is SNIPS Contractor of the Year, thanks to communication, team building, and a strong partnership with Local 20. In fact, Poynter credits its relationship with Local 20 for overcoming staff turnover, and Local 20 considers the award a win for everyone.

Articulating Success

Any time organizations combine expertise, a strong relationship helps parties reconcile varying priorities. Articulation agreements and equipment upgrades at Local 100 make the future even brighter for the Local and Choose Bigger Mid-Atlantic.

How Effective Is Your Leadership Team?

Ready for a brutally honest assessment of your leadership team? Prepare to give every member a solid letter grade and find out how those who aren’t doing their best are affecting your organization.

Leadership Timeout: Creating an Environment

Looking to build a great team? Stay upbeat, be consistent with your expectations, communicate well, and value your team’s time. It will change your game forever.

Learn to Write Success Stories

Most people find it difficult to sing their own praises, but if you can get brave and share your success stories, your teams will thank you with loyalty and productivity.

My Journey: Ted Kuczynski

Ted Kuczynski has known from the day he joined Local 18 in 1971 that the life of a sheet metal worker was the life for him.