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Vol. 15, No. 9: Ready to Make Tomorrow Happen?

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Partnership is Vital Now, More than Ever Before

A few short days after the Partners in Progress Conference concluded in February 2020, the world changed in a manner few attendees could have predicted, with COVID safety precautions, lockdowns, and travel restrictions disrupting our work and our lives in general. As we look forward to the 2022 Partners in Progress Conference, we are focused on Building the Future Together. Make sure leaders from your area are represented at the conference in Las Vegas on March 1-2.

Behind the Scenes at Partners in Progress

With just five months to go until the 2022 Partners In Progress Conference at the Resorts World Las Vegas, it’s all systems go for the Task Force. So, what can we expect from the next conference? “We have two fantastic keynote speakers: former MLB pitcher Jim Abbott and retired Naval Commander Mike Abrashoff,” says Carol Duncan, owner of General Sheet Metal. “Attending the conference might require a mind shift in understanding that the value is everywhere, from the sessions to casual engagements and new relationships . . . and that one idea or introduction can change a person, a company, and even an industry.”

Improve Your Market IQ

Pioneer IQ delivers information to the construction industry that is unique, thorough, and advantageous in identifying and developing new markets. Find out how company owner DeWayne Ables will inspire teams at the 2022 Partners in Progress Conference.

Remembering September 11

Three men who were hard at work in the Kansas City sheet metal industry when the 9/11 attack happened are playing a unique role in honoring the lives lost that day. SMACNA’s A. Zahner and Local 2 craftspersons produced the metal skin that sheathes the National September 11 Memorial Museum on the site of the former World Trade Center.

How to Challenging your Own Beliefs

Each of us should actively challenge our beliefs for validity. Human beings, for the most part, work to reinforce and confirm our beliefs. This is known as “confirmation bias.” In this world, critical thinking is more important than ever. We are inundated with more information than ever, and we are more distracted than ever, which means we are left with impressions of the truth.

My Journey: Nick Dopjuda

Nick Dopjuda, project executive for Southland Industries, started in the sheet metal industry in 1981. He knew absolutely nothing about sheet metal. He started his apprenticeship while attending Cal State Fullerton, but he decided to put his college schooling on hold and go all in. Find out about his career path.