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The SMART–SMACNA joint Best Practices Market Expansion Task Force is conducting its third annual survey to get a snapshot of labor-management cooperation efforts—as well as internet and social media presence, use of FREE Partners in Progress Resources, and more—during the difficult year of 2020. Help out by completing the survey as soon as possible! It is open until Sept. 1.

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SMACNA contractors and SMART craftspersons are Partners in Progress

in the mutual goal of delivering quality workmanship for sheet metal applications and heating ventilating and air conditioning systems—using accepted industry standards—performed in a productive, efficient, and environmentally conscious manner. Our pool of professional and well–trained craftpersons will make all of the difference when it comes to delivering a job on–time and within budget. Find out … Continue reading SMACNA contractors and SMART craftspersons are Partners in Progress

The SMACNA & SMART Partnership

The SMACNA/SMART Partnership is more than 75 years old. We believe that an effective cooperative effort will allow the organized sheet metal industry to maintain or even increase market share.

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SMACNA contractors are committed to quality construction for their customers using creditable, well-accepted industry standards and an outstanding craftspersons with quality expertise.

SMART provides a professionally trained work force that demonstrates excellence, reliability, productivity and integrity. These craftspersons ensure the quality of air inside buildings and promote energy efficiency.