Expertise Branding

 A few years ago, the Best Practices Market Expansion Task Force conducted a series of focus groups that determined many people don’t know what work the sheet metal industry performs. They do, however, recognize, the term HVAC.

Further, Customers demand EXPERTISE more than any other trait when hiring sheet metal contractors. Thus, SMACNA and SMART developed the Expertise branding program to help identify affiliated organizations as the source of expertise for HVAC, architectural, industrial, and green construction, service, and retrofit work. 

Expertise logos are FREE to use and available to any SMACNA chapter,  contractor, SMART local, training center, or labor-management cooperation trust that completes the licensing application. Such organizations are encouraged to place this logo on their business cards, stationery, estimates, invoices, trucks, hats, shirts, advertisements, and any other place where it is useful to spread the word about the value of using signatory labor.

Anyone approved to use the logos can also take advantage of FREE Expertise resources, such as professional advertisements, best practices How To guides, a library of  industry photographs, press releases, and,, and web sites, which offer which offer links to signatory contractors and resources that explain the value of using Expertise contractors. It is easy to link to the Expertise sites from your web site.

To apply to use the logos, fill out the licensing form using the link below. Licensing is required to limit use of the logos to those who qualify. Call (703) 803-2980 with any questions.

Submit completed forms to Jen Squirewell via fax at (703) 803-3732 or via email at



Expertise Logo Licensing Agreement