2012 News

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How often does someone really want to know what you think?

The 2012 Partner in Progress Conference, March 8-10, in Las Vegas wants to know what’s bothering you. Every two years labor and management come together to take a critical look at our challenges, promote innovative thinking, and create solutions.

Once again, the Conference’s very popular Regional Breakout Sessions will bring new and future leaders together to identify challenges and opportunities common to each region.

Because some problems are best tackled on an industry basis, new to this year’s Conference are a separate set of Industry Breakout Sessions. These new industry-specific breakouts will foster collaboration and more targeted, in-depth solutions for Industrial, Architectural, Commercial, Residential, Service and Specialty Markets.

We understand that each region and industry has its own unique set of problems and issues. We need your help identifying them. Does your region or industry have a specific problem that needs to be solved? We want to know. Get a head start on the conference and e-mail issues or problems for your region and/or industry to  pipconf@sheetmetalpartners.org. Do it now or at any time before the Conference. Go ahead, tell us your problem(s) and get it off your chest. You’ll feel much better after you do. Please identify whether it is a regional or industry problem.

In addition, during the registration process you’ll have the opportunity to tell us about your most pressing issues. But why wait?

E-mail us today at: pipconf@sheetmetalpartners.org .

Please don’t miss this opportunity to tell us exactly what issues your region and industry needs to address and get the conversation started. We really do want to know what you think.