Participate in 2018 State of Cooperation Survey

SMACNA and SMART’s Best Practices Market Expansion Task Force is continuing to identify, promote, communicate and support industry best practices. As part of this ongoing effort, the task force has found that as the market has gone from good to bad to better, areas where labor and management communicate and cooperate tend to garner higher market share, contractors win more projects, and craftspersons work additional hours.

In order to pinpoint which areas around North America have established labor-management cooperation organizations, determine the perceived value of labor/management cooperation, and find success stories, the task force conducts a State of SMART-SMACNA Labor/Management Cooperation Survey. The survey based on 2017 data is available at

All SMACNA chapters and contractors, SMART members and staff, and other trust fund staff are requested to participate by Aug. 15, 2018.

Results will be shared only in aggregate in SMACNA, SMART, and Partners in Progress publications.

Direct questions to Kaarin Engelmann at