Communicating Through Difficult Conversations

Too often, our instinct is to shut down conflict in the name of efficiency and harmony, when actually, the opposite is true. Engaging in productive conflict – an open exchange of conflicting or differing ideas in which parties feel equally heard, respected, and unafraid to voice dissenting opinions for the purpose of reaching a mutually comfortable resolution – establishes a culture anchored in trust where team members and leaders can openly share different perspectives while prioritizing solutions. In this session, learn more about the benefit of having difficult conversations, allowing productive conflict and growing stronger relationships.

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Candie Beane
Everyday Dynamix

An interpersonal communications coach, Candie is dedicated to helping leaders and teams reach their fullest potential. Her past executive leadership roles showed her how teams with strong interpersonal communication skills can skyrocket a company’s culture and overall success. With trust and communication at the foundation, relationships thrive in an environment of empowerment, authenticity and productive conflict that produces innovative and profitable results.