Building and Sustaining Organizational Culture: Shaping Industry Impact and Eliminating Counterproductive Actions

Organizational culture is the heart and soul of industry, defining its values, behaviors, and overall identity. In this education session, we will explore the pivotal role of culture in shaping not only your organization but also influencing the industry at large. We will dive deep into the strategies for building and nurturing a positive, purpose-driven culture while effectively eliminating actions that run counter to your cultural aspirations.

Key Highlights:

  • The Essence of Organizational Culture: To build a powerful culture, one must first understand its essence. We will start by defining what culture is, why it’s critical, and how it influences not only your organization but the industry as a whole.
  • Defining Your Ideal Culture: Discover the process of defining your organization’s ideal culture. We will explore methods for articulating your cultural values and aspirations, involving employees at all levels in the process.
  • Building a Culture of Purpose: Learn how to infuse purpose into your culture. We will discuss the importance of aligning your organizational mission with cultural values and how this alignment can drive employee/member engagement and industry impact.
  • Cultural Assessment and Measurement: Understand the tools and metrics for assessing and measuring your culture’s health. We will explore methods for collecting feedback, conducting cultural audits, and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Cultural Change Management: Cultivating a new culture often requires change management. We will delve into strategies for effectively implementing cultural change, overcoming resistance, and sustaining the transformation over time.
  • Eliminating Actions that Contradict Culture: Identify actions and behaviors that are inconsistent with your desired culture and learn how to effectively eliminate them. We will cover the importance of accountability and aligning actions with cultural values.

By the end of this education session, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how to build, nurture, and sustain an organizational culture that not only thrives within your organization but also sets an example within your industry. Whether you’re a union or business leader, or anyone interested in fostering a values-driven culture, this session will provide you with actionable insights to create meaningful change. Join us and be a catalyst for building the culture you desire in your organization and industry, while eliminating actions that hinder your progress.



Rubiena Duarte

Rubiena Duarte is Procore’s Vice President and Global Head of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging where she brings over 20 years of global DEIB experience to Procore. She is responsible for driving Procore’s DEIB strategy focusing on 3 key initiatives including building an inclusive workplace culture, creating a diverse global workforce, and engaging with customers to create a more inclusive industry. Rubiena holds a B.A. in International Relations and Political Science from the University of the Witwatersrand, and a postgraduate degree in International Relations and Affairs from the University of Johannesburg.

Carol Duncan
SMACNA President

Carol Duncan is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of General Sheet Metal, Inc. (GSM) in Clackamas, Oregon. GSM fabricates and installs dry side mechanical sheet metal, architectural metals, architectural panel manufacturing, specialty metal fabrication and industrial service. GSM employs approximately 100 sheet metal workers and 30 non bargaining employees and has been on the list of Oregon’s Best 100 Companies to work for ten of the last twelve years. This year GSM was recognized as one of the fifty fastest growing women owned business by WPO and American Express.


Michael Coleman
SMART General President

Michael Coleman assumed the position of SMART General President on June 1, 2023, having been elected by the SMART General Executive Council following the retirement of former SMART General President Joseph Sellers. In all, Coleman has more than 20 years of dedicated leadership at the local and international level. He played a crucial role during SMART’s second-ever General Convention in 2019, serving as secretary of the Constitution Committee and shepherding through 114 proposed amendments – helping to facilitate the democratic process of our union and positioning SMART for future success.

Coleman began his career as a SMART sheet metal worker in 1985, when he joined what was then Local 65 in Cleveland, Ohio (Local 65 merged with Local 33 soon after). After graduating into journeyperson status and honing his craft for several years, he ran for election as a member of the local’s executive board. From there, he became business representative, then Local 33 president and business manager in 2012.

At Local 33, Coleman cultivated a reputation for pursuing innovative strategies in order to organize more members, effectively structure benefit and pension plans, provide greater flexibility to members and more. He worked tirelessly to boost the local’s profile throughout northern Ohio and West Virginia and demonstrated a willingness to think outside the box in taking on the challenges our union faces.

Seven years later, upon the request of the SMART General Executive Council, Coleman moved to Washington, DC to work as SMART’s director of business and management relations. Shortly after that, General President Sellers asked Coleman to become assistant to the general president, a position in which he served until May 31, 2023.