2024 Emerging Leaders

SMART & SMACNA are inviting Emerging Leaders back to Partners in Progress in 2024!


2022 Emerging Leaders, who actively engage in the post 2022 Conference Emerging Leader sessions, will again be able to attend Partners in Progress in 2024 and have their registration waived. Additionally, all local areas will be invited to send two new Emerging Leaders from their area (one nominated by the union and another by the chapter) to the Conference, in addition to any 2022 Emerging Leaders who are invited back.

An Emerging Leader can be anyone working in the industry who shows leadership potential. The only requirements are:

  • Must be under the age of 35
  • Must have at least one or more current representative(s) from the local area or chapter registered to attend the Conference

Leadership is learned; the skills necessary to communicate, inspire trust and coalition build are something that takes time to develop. Likewise, understanding our industry’s future, both the struggles and successes at the highest levels, takes exposure to full industry and knowledge of industry best practices. Take advantage of the Partners in Progress Conference and its Emerging Leader program to help support our industry’s emerging leaders in learning needed skills and gaining exposure to our industry as whole. They are the future and our time to involve them is now.

Partners in Progress will register all Emerging Leaders for the local parties. Please email Katie Kirchner with contact details on your Emerging Leader selection for the 2024 Partners in Progress Conference.

Katie Kirchner


Partners in Progress encourages local unions and chapters to look for those individuals who show exceptional motivation, drive, and initiative to take on leadership responsibilities, informally or formally, in their current position.

Look for emerging leaders who will ultimately bring diversity in race, gender, abilities and/or gender identity to their leadership team and reflect the workforce of the future, where a broadening of ideas and experiences better allows the industry to recruit from a wide talent pool, truly demonstrating the commitment to being inclusive and diverse.