Fireside Chat with SMART/SMACNA Leadership: A Q&A Session

There is no better way to gain valuable industry insight and inspiration than by engaging in candid conversations with SMART and SMACNA’s leadership. In this session, you’ll have the unique opportunity to participate in a dynamic Q&A session with SMART and SMACNA’s top leadership. Bring your burning questions and get ready to learn where they see the industry heading, top challenges ahead and what course they have set for each organization to meet those challenges.

By the end of this Q&A session, you’ll have had the opportunity to engage with SMART and SMACNA leadership, gain a deeper understanding of their experiences and insights, and receive direct answers to your most pressing questions. No matter your role in the industry, this session will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Join us for this unique opportunity to learn from and connect with industry leadership.


Michael Coleman
SMART General President

Carol Duncan
SMACNA President

Joseph Powell
SMART General Secretary-Treasurer

Aaron Hilger