Learning to Walk the Talk: Aligning Actions With Policies for Authentic Leadership

In an age where ethics, authenticity, and integrity are of critical importance, it’s crucial for organizations and individuals to not just talk the talk but also walk the talk. This session explores the art of aligning actions with policies, ensuring that your values and principles are reflected in everything you do. Join us to discover the strategies, tools, and mindset needed to bridge the gap between words and deeds.

Key Highlights:

  • The Significance of Alignment: We’ll begin by examining the importance of aligning actions with policies and the impact it has on trust, quality, and safety.
  • Core Values to Policies:  Understand the essentials of organizational core values and explore how they are at the foundation of policy development.
  • Maintenance and Revision:  Explore the importance of policy maintenance to improve education and adherence to shared policies throughout your organization. Learn simple and efficient methods to keep up to date and aware.
  • Leading by Example: Explore the role of leadership in setting the example. We’ll delve into how leaders can lead with integrity and demonstrate the alignment of their actions with established policies.

By the end of this session, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and strategies necessary to bridge the gap between rhetoric and reality, ensuring that your actions align with your policies, values, and principles. Whether you’re an organizational leader, a policymaker, or someone committed to ethical and authentic leadership, this session will empower you to “walk the talk” and lead with integrity. Join us and embark on the journey of ethical alignment and authenticity in your actions and policies.

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Steven English
Steven English Coaching and Training

Throughout his 22 years in engineering, Steven served as a trainer to Fortune 500 organizations as well as influencing and managing company-wide change management activities. Steven is an ICF Professional Certified Coach, a TEDx speaker, a trained DiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Facilitator along with Founder of multiple Toastmasters public speaking clubs. Steven empowers engineering executives and their teams with potent leadership skills, catalyzing innovation, boosting engagement, and curbing turnover. Steven has served over 150 one on one coaching clients and corporate clients such as BlackLocus (Home Depot Innovation Lab), Neighborly, RRC, Texas A&M Engineering, San Antonio River Authority, Qualcomm, and James Edward and Companies.