Workforce Development – Successful and Innovative Recruitment

Clark Ellis is here to deliver the findings of an extensive New Horizon’s Foundation study on successful recruitment strategies both within and outside the construction industry. This educational session delves into the strategies and best practices for successful and innovative recruitment that will enable you to build a strong, talented workforce.  Learning from the best efforts of others, this session will provide new insights into how best to attract the next generation of workers.

Key Highlights:

  • The Art of Recruitment: Start by understanding the pivotal role that recruitment plays in building a talented workforce and achieving organizational success.
  • Building a Strong Industry Brand: Understand the significance of a strong industry brand and how it can attract and retain the right candidates. Learn how to create and promote an industry brand that reflects our organizations’ values and culture.
  • Social Media and Online Platforms:  Learn how to effectively utilize these tools to connect with potential candidates and promote your organization.

By the end of this education session, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to revolutionize your recruitment efforts, attract top talent, and build a workforce that aligns with our industry’s goals and values. Join us and embark on the journey of successful and innovative recruitment that can transform our workforce and drive industry success.

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Clark Ellis
Continuum Advisory Group

As Principal and Founding Member of Continuum Advisory Group, Clark Ellis provides consulting services to facility owners, engineering, and construction service providers, building trades unions, trade associations, home builders, real estate developers, manufacturers of building products, tools, and equipment, channel participants, and installing contractors. He has served these clients in North and South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Clark has contributed his expertise to projects involving enterprise strategy, planning, leadership, market research, training and development, business process improvement, and technology deployment. These projects have spanned construction vertical markets such as industrial, oil and gas, infrastructure, general building, utility, as well as single-family and multifamily residential.

In addition to these specific responsibilities, Clark’s research priorities are focused on the application of new technology throughout the design, engineering, and construction value chain, the development of the new processes and collaborative business relationships necessary for the industry to leverage these transformative technologies, and the development of industrialized construction.