Team Dynamics – Utilizing Teams to Speed Improvements and Implementation

Today’s demanding construction environment requires speed, skill, and the latest in innovation. In order to successfully navigate the tremendous amount of change required to keep up, the utilization of cross functional teams becomes a must.

Not only does this approach ensure that oversights are minimized, but it allows for the people who will live with the results to define the path. During this interactive session, Stephane McShane will engage with attendees on the following topics:

  • Why team strategies are so successful
  • Define how to create the right cross functional team
  • Describe the development of multi-level subject matter experts
  • Show the best practices regarding training and communication
  • Outline a case study where teams were utilized to ensure aligned vision and success in planning for the future

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Stephane McShane, Maxim Consulting Group

Stephane McShane is a Director at Maxim Consulting Group responsible for the evaluation and implementation processes with our clients. Stephane works with construction related firms of all sizes to evaluate business practices and assist with management challenges. With a large depth of experience working in the construction industry, Stephane is keenly aware of the business and, most specifically, operational challenges that firms face. Her areas of expertise include: Leadership development, executive coaching, organizational assessments, strategic planning, project execution, business development, productivity improvement, and training programs. Mrs. McShane is an internationally recognized speaker, mentor, author, and teacher. Her ability to motivate, inspire, and create confidence among your work groups is extremely rare and very effective.

Stephane possesses the rare combination of talent from being in the field as an apprentice, electrician, foreman, then working her way through each operational chair within a successful electrical construction firm. Her ability and drive defined her to be “best in class” at each position held. This talent is what makes her tremendously effective at operational and organizational assessments today. She has successfully conquered every operational position from being an estimating trainee through executive management. She has built, trained, and led her teams to become the undisputed leaders in their markets. She can quickly identify organizational positives and negatives and assess appropriate action steps and throughputs.