Change Agent, Modeling Change

When we talk about change, the first thing we typically consider is what needs to change. That’s often because it’s obvious if you need a new strategy, or something is not working. But whether it’s the organization, strategy, or the employee mindset, we must start with the fundamentals, if we want change to be lasting.

  • Values and culture are the DNA of business and of unions, driving how you behave
  • Culture eats strategy for breakfast
  • Culture and strategy combine to deliver performance
  • Innovation requires learning
  • Embracing a culture of learning can be the fastest path to lasting change

In a culture of learning, change becomes the outcome, not the objective. Organizations become more flexible, and on the heels of a pandemic-led disruption, the desire to develop DNA for agility, may be an easier sell then any other time in recent memory.

In this session, attendees will learn that:

  • You can’t have lasting change, without the values and culture to support it
  • Business environments where strategy, leadership, and employees are disconnected create friction and result in a toxic culture
  • Change needs to be a permanent part of the culture
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Lisa Bordeaux
A Mod Up Consulting

Lisa Bordeaux is a technology thought leader with years of experience. She has developed and implemented technology at all levels of business including the end user, installer/contractor, distributor, manufacturer, cooperative and associations.

Having spent years developing web based, extended-enterprise technology for 17 industry verticals she transitioned into retail and spent the last 3 years focused on ecommerce. Her unique expertise assists business leaders evaluating, selecting and implementing best of breed practices and technology.