Identifying Emerging Markets

Unlike other market and social disruptions, COVID-19 has significantly changed the trajectory of markets that were expanding and has triggered others to emerge.

Which ones do you pursue? Which ones do you stop pursuing? How do you determine when to exist or enter markets? What do you need to know to better prioritize your business development efforts the next 12-18 months?

Making these decisions can be difficult but it’s not the most critical part! Explaining why, getting buy-in and aligning stakeholders is where real leaders are put to the test. Being on the forefront of decisions can be a lonely place especially when paychecks and lifestyles could be affected. This workshop will clearly define how to empower your leaders to:

  1. Quickly assess how needs are changing in your existing markets
  2. Provide specific questions to understand how project volume is likely to shift
  3. Utilize market feedback to help you and your team prioritize prospects and opportunities
  4. Evaluate new markets – emerging industries or geographic areas to potentially purse
  5. Understand factors that must be evaluated to identify, qualify or disqualify new markets
  6. Apply the market insights to quickly innovate your solution and be in position to better serve existing and new partnerships
  7. Lead the change and align stakeholders to start the movement
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DeWayne Ables
Pioneer IQ

DeWayne Ables, founder and President of Pioneer IQ, guides the strategic growth of Leaders and Organizations in the Design and Construction Industry.

DeWayne has developed a unique “Strategic Growth Method” for this generation of Pioneers who are designing and building America. The Pioneer Method equips Owners and Managers of design and construction companies to Develop their Leaders, Build their Business and Forecast their Markets.

DeWayne is a national instructor for AGC | ACEC | DBIA | SMACNA. Ables and the Pioneer iQ Team have served over 500 Design and Construction companies in the US over the past 20 years.