Mentoring vs. Coaching vs. Training

Coaching, mentoring and training are three words that are often used interchangeably. While all are used to improve the level of performance, increase engagement, and build a stronger workforce, they are different processes that each fill different needs within our industry and individual organizations. When used correctly, coaching, mentoring and training enable our contractors, union and members to thrive and succeed.

This session will address these three different techniques for worker development, clarify their meanings and address when is the time and situation when one technique is better utilized over the others.

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Don Riling
LeaderBuild Institute

Don Riling is the President of the LeaderBuild Institute, which is dedicated to training – field leaders to senior staff – in the construction industry. Don is also founder of Riling Leadership Resources, advising senior leaders in many industries, including medicine, media and politics in strategic development for themselves and their organizations.

Don discovered his passion for supporting leaders while serving as International Projects Director for a service and relief organization based in San Jose, California. Over a fourteen year period, he and his team mobilized 14,000 workers to twenty-two nations. Helping the leaders on the ground find solutions and learn best-practice skills grew into his work today, serving leaders in the U.S. and beyond.